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We are an Import and Export company for textiles trading, including yarn, fabric, garment etc. And we have good quality and service in cooperation.

Fartex was established from the former 5th department of Shanghai Textiles, which was the first one to develop and produce T/C products in China.

We have supplied a broad variety of textiles with good quality to the contries all over the world for decades.

Shanghai Fartex has 24 employees, including sales team, quality control team, financial team etc. All the people are positive and energetic.

company news
  • china latest news about National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)China-Intertex
    2021-07-28 National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)China-Intertex
    Our company has participated in the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics - Autumn Edition 2021. It is currently one of the biggest and most comprehensive apparel fabric and accessories exhibitions in the world. Located in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)China, there are lots ...
  • china latest news about Celebration solid development of the company's business in 2020
    2021-01-29 Celebration solid development of the company's business in 2020
    On January 10, 2021, the company held the annual work summary celebration. The year 2020 will be a very difficult year. The international trade environment is not optimistic.But in this year's time, through the joint efforts of all departments and units of the company, changda company successfully ...
  • china latest news about Visiting cooperative factory
    2021-01-29 Visiting cooperative factory
    In the middle of January 2021,
  • china latest news about CONFLICT MINERALS POLICY
    冲突矿产政策 CONFLICT MINERALS POLICY 定义: 在刚果民主共和国(DRC)及其周围国家和地区:安哥拉(Angola)、布隆迪(Burundi)、中非共和国(CAR)、刚果共和国(ROC)、卢旺达(Rwanda)、南苏丹(South Sudan)、坦桑尼亚(Tanzania)、乌干达(Uganda)和赞比亚(Zambia)境内的金(Au)、钽(Ta)、锡(Sn)和钨(W)等稀有金属开采已造成严重的人权与环境问题。这些矿物的销售可能为这些国家持续的武装冲突提供了财力支持,导致该地区长期不稳定,所以被称为“冲突矿产”。 承诺: 上海常达进出口有限公司的冲突矿政策的原则是:理解...